There are various formats for cycle races, and each rider has particular advantages and disadvantages. The competitors typically select a race format appropriate for their skill level based on their cycling prowess. The cyclists fall under the following categories:

A sprinter is a sort of racer who can cross the finish line at a high rate of speed to win the race.

A climber can sustain a high rate of speed while traveling on an inclined plane and get an aerodynamic advantage when racing on a prone route.

A time-trialist can ride at a fast rate for a more extended period, which helps him do better in the race. Time trial competitors typically receive specialized training to compete against the clock.

A racer who succeeds in sprints, time trials, and climbs is an all-rounder. In stage races, these competitors are chosen to serve as team captains.

Cancellara, Fabian

Cancellara, a talented cyclist from Switzerland, became interested in cycling when he was just 13 years old. He had competed in youth cycling competitions and had begun his professional career in 1998. He won two medals in the road race and two for the time trial at the 2008 Olympics, totaling seven medals on the world stage. Cancellara has been actively competing in cycling competitions this year, but he was forced to give up a race after suffering a lower back fracture.

John Freire

He is a top sprinter and a former Spanish cyclist. Freire has shared the world champion title three times with Rik Van Steenbergen and Alfredo Binda. He began riding bicycles in 1998, and he has since retired. He has competed in bike races both alone and as a member of a team, earning multiple medals at the international level.

Bradley Wiggins, Sir

He is a professional road and track racer from Britain. When Wiggins realized he was a time trail expert, he changed his attention to road racing after starting his cycling career on the track. He has won several golds at the Olympics in solo and team pursuit time trial and track cycling. His career began in 1998, and he is now competing in stage cycling competitions and training for the 2016 summer Olympics.